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De Vloek - Piratenbar

Punk Night

5 piece MentalRockband with it's roots in rock/ska/metal/punk/reggae/psychedelica/funk/jazz/pop/wave/etc/etc. 2 Bassgitarplayers a Drummer and a sort off Guitarist with the help of a Sax.

? Music is great! ? Music and a party is better!


Dead Fish FM is founded in The Hague in 2009 when the former band Fleeing Mind Focus quitted. Spaske, Peter and Corvin went on under the new name and decided to change the direction of music. By using rocksteady, rock and punk influences the old en new made songs got more flavoured for live playing instead the former epic listening music.

After playing half a year the band decided to find a new member to make the songs more powerfull. Frederico entered the band on second bassguitar and from then everything speeded up. More gigs, more influences and more fun. A second bassplayer is really uncommon but really useable in the kind of music we play. After one year Frederico had to go back to Portugal but within two weeks we found a new second Bassplayer Bartek (PL). We can speak that both the second bassplayers are well educated musicians but with a complete different style, because of the change the songs had to be rebuild again to fit the more thrashy style Bart's playing. In september 2011 Peter (drums) decided to leave the band. By then Spaske and Corvin enjoyed Peter's play for ten years. Again in two weeks we found a new drummer Tomas (SK) and took over the drumkit in september 2011. He used to play in Slovakian punk-core bands so again we have to rebuild the songs just slightly but Tomas is a real fanatic and eager to change his style into our wide choice of music and is working hard to get there. We also like to work now with Eric on his sax, it just adds absolute class..

Popoulos - 11-4-2014

DeadFish FM band has been playing since 2006 and is based in The Hague, Netherlands. At the moment it involves 4 musicians: Corvin, Peter, Frederico and Spaske. All members used to play in various rock, metal, folk, psychedelic and noise bands in and around The Hague or in fred's case Lisbon. Because of these influences the sound of DeadFish FM is a mix of styles. It results in a powerful rock set with a touch of melancholia with a noisy punch. Laugh, Cry, Live, Give and Feel the Sun. Love and Peace and Rock On!.

- PaardCafe VR. 16 SEP 2012    

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Dead Fish FM.

Biografie: Dead Fish FM

Dead Fish Fm 11-04-2014 in De Vloek - Piratenbar


Popoulos - 23-8-2013  

Musicon- Punk Night