2001  Rastapopoulos    CD

The first album  


2002  POPOULOS        

The Beginning  


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2005  P.H.P                      CD

(Piet Hein PASSIE)   


2007  LIIK  NEE              CD


2007  LIIK                    LIVE

De Vinger


2007  LIIK - Tegenwicht voor Evenwicht - Radio CD


2012   Piet Hein Passie CD



2012    Popoulos         LIVE

De Vinger


2009   LIIK                  LIVE

Cafe de Kaap

2008   LIIK                   LIVE

De Vinger

2013  Popoulos           LIVE

De Vinger


2013   Popoulos          LIVE



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De Vinger


2014  Popoulos           LIVE

De Vloek - Piratenbar

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2015  Popoulos           LIVE



2014  Popoulos           LIVE

De Vinger

2015  Popoulos           LIVE

De Vloek - Piratenbar


2015  Popoulos           LIVE

De Vinger


2015  SirJoski             LIVE


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2001  Rastapopoulos The first album  CD

In 1994 I started playing music and write lyrics .

We met (Arthur Havenaar/MCT) eachother in a cofeeshop in the Hague (NL) called “Demo”, this was a shop where a lot of musicians came together. We started with two guitars and a drumkit. The first time we jam togeter was at my home those days at the Vailliantlaan, and after a few minutes I told Arthur that we would start to form a band.This first contact was the beginning of the song “Ratata”. We called this newborn-band “Big Blue Heron” , because Arthur was really into birds. We didn’t took it seriously and it took a fewyears before we find us a drummer.

In 1997 a band called “Atari Teenage Riot” played in our hometown and after the showe a guy came to me, and said “I’m Edward Tan, I’m your new drummer.’’ I was really suprised, because we didn’t do much to find one.

Then we got a new bandname called “Nul uur 15” .We practiced every saterday afternoon in my livingroom at the Piet Heinstraat.

After a few weeks my dad, and the other neighbours started to complain about the noise. We decided to find a practiceroom and started at “the blue and white” studios in Scheveningen. It was a little, dark room but we where happy to make noise. After all NO NEIGHBOURS !

Than Edward found ourselves a new place to play near Holland Spoor station.This place was great, big room with a kitchen.

But Jos and Arthur weren´t happy anymore with Edward and in may `99, we decided to find another drummer.. Than Harold Tan came in the band, a guy from Zoetermeer. But in june 2000 he stopped with music.

Than we asked Edward back in the band, but after a few months it was clear that we did´nt have the right drummer, so for the second time we stopped with him.

 And than we got ourselves a new drummer called “Edward Silva” who was playing in coverband called”crossover”.

Dave Gülmez also joined the band on solo-guitar and we got a new name: Rastapopoulos, a guy from the “hergë” cartoons.

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2001- Rastapopoulos - sirJoski & MCT -CD

Than on the 28th of october in the year 2001, we recorded 18 songs in our own room.

The songs were:

1 - Engel

2 - In de kamer

3 - de streber

4 - ?

5 - Ratata

6 - In de kamer

7 - God van de liefde

8 - Engel

9 - piano (Edward)

10 - Als jij maar

11 - niet meer

12 - de streber

13 - ogo pogo

14 - ooit of nooit

15 - naar de top

16 - big brother

17 - outro

18 - weer alleen

Joski - vocals & bass

Arthur - Leadguitar

Dave - sologuitar

Edgar - drums